© 2019 by Thomas Launders

'titch (4th Year major project)​

‘titch is a compact sewing machine that has been developed through extensive research into sustainability of clothing. With 14.3 million tonnes of clothing reaching landfill each year, ‘titch’s primary function is to allow the user to conduct quick clothing repairs prolonging the life span of clothing.

Created to be compact, 'titch stores all the equipment required for quick repairs in a self contained space. With an A4 footprint ‘titch can store in accessible locations in the home such as any drawer, bookshelf or table allowing the user to have a fluid interaction with the product.

‘titch Includes a button measuring tool allowing the user to measure the hole width between a loose button ensuring both the needle and button do not get damaged when applying the button to a piece of clothing.

Graphics are displayed throughout the product guiding the user and reducing the complexity of the sewing and threading process. Consideration has been given to all controls and graphics displayed on the product, reducing unnecessary functions where possible and redesigning control graphics in response to information gathered through user testing. This has allowed ‘titch to become more intuitive to the new and occasional user.

Visually playful, with bold use of colour, 'titch challenges the intimidating aesthetics of sewing machines currently on the market making it more approachable for the new or occasional user.


Please take a moment to look through 'titch's project log, the log acts as a window to my process. Enjoy!