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HUSH live project with Northern Lights (4th Year project)

This project took place in collaboration with Northern Lights, a lighting company that specialise in the hospitality sector. The brief was to design a lighting suite for a hotel room with a price point of £250-£750 per room. Northern Lights have a large manufacturing operation based in Chesterfield with a wide verity of process's and skilled craftspeople, at an early stage of the project a decision was made to utilise the process's available without outsourcing to external manufacturers.


Research began by creating simple test rigs with the intention of discovering interesting lighting effects using materials, form and light positioning. In addition to this the market was researched and professionals were contacted to gain an informed incite into the current and future hospitality market, specifically hotel design. From this the brief was born, to explore how the application of material can effect density of light, when designing a suite of lights for a 4* hotel room. 

Incites gained and utilised from professional input influenced the aesthetics, placing a focus of creating a suite that has residential qualities to recreate a 'homely, atmospheric' environment while creating an interesting, memorable feature within a hotel room. 70% Felt/ 30% Merino Wool blend was used for the shade due to the contrasting depth of fibres highlighted when illuminated giving a warm light to the room. The structure of the felt is held in place using a vacuum formed shell, this came to fruition through extensive testing into possible textile hardening techniques that could be undertaken in house. The light is projected at an angle from the base of the light passing through a medium density silk to give a soft diffused spot, which when positioned in the room with the rest of the suite would create intersecting light areas.