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(2nd Year project)

BAGU was a self directed project that is a conceptual piece of critical design, created to provoke a response on food sustainability. Research suggests that sooner than we think insects such as grasshoppers, locusts and beetle (and many more) will be introduced into our meals, providing a good source of sustainable protein. BAGU challenges the fear of the western world eating bugs by presenting them in a sophisticated way, each component of the packing has been designed with the user in mind creating conversation and debate about the food crisis we have created. The packaging is oriental inspired, focusing on order to create a visual aesthetic that is simple as not to overwhelm the user.


The branding is bold and abstract to draw the user in, once reading the challenging meal choice the next layer that will be discovered is the clear lid which allows the user to peer into the packaging finding an air fix style cutlery with unique insect cutlery that the users have to study to understand. Small touches of humour have been placed in the product, such as the head bin used in conjunction with the Insect head chopper and scoop; the labelling having small touches that the user can relate to. The user will then find the insects sat in the earth-toned box creating shock, fear, and confusion, which in turn creates debate. For any further information on this project please don't hesitate to contact me.